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Time to watch, and wait

Posted in News and that by Adam Westbrook on November 4, 2008

As Chris Doidge pointed out earlier today, there’s nothing else left to say on the US elections now.

It’s all been said, and doesn’t matter anyway as 136 million Americans queue for hours to have their say.

Charlie Beckett reckons 95% of the international media are pro-democrat and very pro-Obama (check out some front pages from Ghana’s leading newspapers with E.K. Bensah if you need proof).

Chris says the internet was the bigger winner this time round. My only addition to that is Obama was the big winner from the internet. Would he have been so successful with youtube, myspace and his cunning use of Web 2.0?

I interviewed an American student earlier, who used to work with Mitt Romney all those months ago (remember him?) She was a highly articulate Republican, but quietly resigned to the fact it won’t go her way tonight. “McCain was the wrong choice” she told me.

Last word to Channel 4 News’ Jon Snow in America:

“Listen, I have lived in America. I have reported on America for more than half my life. And I will share with you that this day feels exceptional – however it ends.”

Either way tonight, history will be made.