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A new look to the website

Posted in Adam by Adam Westbrook on March 16, 2010

The more astute of you will have noticed my portfolio website at has been offline for the last week.

It’s undergone a bit of a makeover and is now back up and shiny and new. Although it is now not connected to this blog, a feed of my last posts are available on the front page, plus lots of examples of my multimedia, radio and teaching work. Although I am using a different theme, I have kept the same general feel for both website and blog.

You might find it’s cheaper and easier to put together a distinctive portfolio website than you first thought, and I’ve shared how I did it on this week.

And on a completely different note, I’ve been interviewed for this article about SEO for journalists over at Distilled.

Local radio doing video content

Posted in Broadcasting and Media, News and that by Adam Westbrook on December 9, 2008

Following on from – and in fact contrary to – my post a few weeks ago about online content on local radio websites.

I wrote local radio is lagging behind in terms of the quality of web content.

Here’s a good example of stations making it work – Bauer Radio’s Radio Aire (Leeds) produced a video report for the verdict in the Karen Matthews trial in the UK.

Journalists at the station – and others in the Big City Network – were able to throw listeners to it to enhance their coverage of the sensational trial.

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