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The art of making things happen

Posted in Broadcasting and Media by Adam Westbrook on August 3, 2009

How do you get to meet Sir Ian McKellan?

For most people, we hope to be lucky enough to win tickets to one of his premieres, or perhaps have him walk into our local for a swift pint; or maybe we’d just hope to bump into him in the supermarket.

But for three teenagers from the UK that wasn’t good enough. With three tickets to his current production with Patrick Stewart of “Waiting for Godot” (which must look  like a homeless version of X-Men) Adrian Bliss, Benjamin Robbins and Tony Stubbs weren’t hoping to grab an autograph backstage…

“Beforehand” writes Adrian“I dropped off a letter at the stage door telling Sir Ian about the project and asking him whether he would take a look at it…”

They then went round to the stage door after the production and:

“To our surprise, he recognised us and asked us to come inside with him.

“We were all very surprised by the sudden invitation and followed him inside, more-or-less star-struck. This was GANDALF!!!!!!”

It is a great lesson in the art of doing — of making things happen. And it is an art, one most people find almost crippingly difficult. Rather than being half hearted about going for something or delaying taking the leap, you get out there and start doing.

But it takes something extra to drop off a letter at the stage door.

But then these school kids are trying to raise £1m to fund their own film. And the ‘art of doing’ has got their fundraising mission on BBC Breakfast, ITV News and the support of Stephen Fry.


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