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2007 in 9 minutes

Posted in Adam, Broadcasting and Media, News and that by Adam Westbrook on December 24, 2007


Yes I’m back, after an absence so long it puts Noel Edmunds to shame.

In case you’re wondering what the hell I’ve been up to since May…well I’ve been working and 2007 ended up being far busier than I imagined.

Thanks to the wonder of radio it’s now been succinctly summarised in a podcast special on the 102 Touch FM website – introduced by yours truly.

Click here to go see (you’ll need to scroll down to “Exclusive: news review of 2007”)

Merry Christmas readers; I’ll be back in 2008 – I promise…!


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When Adam met Jacqui

Posted in Adam, Broadcasting and Media by Adam Westbrook on August 7, 2007

As a local journalist it’s quite neat when one of your local MPs suddenly becomes important.

That’s what happened to Jacqui Smith, a teacher turned MP for Redditch in Worcestershire and – of the end of June – the Home Secretary.

Two foiled terror attacks, a flood and a foot and mouth crisis later and it’s been an interesting first five weeks.

I managed to wrangle a one-on-one interview with her last Friday – it’s up on the 102 Touch FM website for your audio pleasure now…