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What are people really buying online?

Posted in Ideas for the future of news, Journalism by Adam Westbrook on September 14, 2010

What do you think people are buying on the internet?

Here’s a cool infographic by Permuto, showing us what gets people (in the US at least) to click “buy now” online. The hatched areas give us an idea of what percentage of certain products are purchased online instead of in a physical store.

What’s interesting for journalists is that people are buying more books, magazines, clothes and electronic items online than offline. These are the sort of sales which can support an independent news offering. I recently blogged for TNTJ that people won’t pay for news, rather we have to find other ways to fund it. This neat infographic shows us some good avenues to explore. Selling books and information products online should, for journalists, be second nature.

And if your niche is health journalism, you ought to be seeing a massive business opportunity in this image…