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A week of online video secrets: what do you want to know?

Posted in Online Video by Adam Westbrook on August 18, 2011

Next week I fly to to the lovely European country of Moldova, where I’ll be running some workshops for the Council of Europe on video storytelling for journalists.

As well as the basics of video production we’ll also be diving into multimedia storytelling, narratives structure and more. Preparing for it has inspired me to put together another week-long series of blog posts, packed with tips and advice on producing knock-out online video.

It’ll be aimed at all you lovely readers: journalists, multimedia producers and film makers – and I want you to help shape what goes into the week.

Online video is a very broad church with everything from the technical stuff (like cameras and codecs) to the art of visual storytelling under its roof. I can’t possibly fit it all in, so what should I prioritise? Well, you get to decide.

Please take just 1 minute to fill in the survey before the 1st September – and the most popular topics will go straight into the week long special!

Click here to take the survey!