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Three examples of sexy text

Posted in Journalism by Adam Westbrook on December 2, 2009

The gentle, yet persistent, scrubbing of the reporter voice-over from online video has paved the way for more on screen text.

A large amount of the online video journalism  I watch uses text to move the story forward rather than a voice over (and if they’re really good, they can do it with just the words of their characters).

Text used well is powerful – and can often tell the whole story on its own.

Three examples of text sexiness

01. Penny For Your Thought

A series by Dutch think-tank Freedom Lab has taken the most difficult form of audio possible: phone audio – and made it engaging and interesting with text:

[Hat tip: Kevin Kelly]

02. The Machine Is Us/ing US

A classic of the internet now, but Professor Michael Wesch’s piece uses computer text very effectively here:

03. Entrepreneurs can change the world

This inspiring ditty animates text to lead us through an argument

In MSM text is usually an afterthought, and saved only for Astons and captions of people on screen. But don’t negate them all together. Text offers both video and audio slideshow producers a unique and underused new way into the hearts and minds of the viewer.


The US elections in pictures

Posted in News and that by Adam Westbrook on November 4, 2008


Voting in laundrettes

Voting in laundrettes



ID cards help avoid fraud

ID cards help avoid fraud


John McCain votes

John McCain votes

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