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Dawg gone…

Posted in News and that by Adam Westbrook on February 26, 2007

I’ve been meaning to write something worthy and insightful about campaign journalism or reporter involvement or Ahmadinejad’s domestic trouble or Ghana’s upcoming jubilee celebrations…

But right now I just feel like taking the easy shots. Thus this humdinger from the Camden New Journal I spotted while up in Hamstead yesterday:

Second Dog Electrocuted by Lamppost


A second dog has been electrocuted by a lamppost that was left live for more than three weeks, it has emerged.Mike Cookson-Taylor has told how his eight-stone Bull Mastiff, called Dog, was thrown five feet into the air as it urinated on the same lamppost that killed German Shepherd Willow two weeks ago.Last week the New Journal revealed Willow was fatally electrocuted 11 days after a council employee had declared the lamppost safe.
The Health and Safety Executive has since ordered Camden Council to investigate, but says the watchdog is not concerned with accidents not involving humans.
Mr Cookson-Taylor says his dog survived the 240-volt shock but contacted the New Journal to tell of his disbelief on learning the lamppost was left live despite him complaining to Camden Council.
He said: “Dog cocked his leg at the lamppost and shot four or five foot into the air. His head was level with my own, he looked me right in the eyes. He’s eight stone but it threw him in the air and he yelped. If my dog had died I would have been heartbroken.
“It could have been anybody, someone disabled, using the lamppost to steady themselves, children. It’s absolutely horrendous.”

Some stuff just cries out to be blogged. Genuine worthy stuff follows shortly, I promise.


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