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10 things you’ll hear at every journalism conference

Posted in Entrepreneurial Journalism by Adam Westbrook on September 5, 2011

The 2011 conference season is almost over, with just a few events left to go.

After a busy 2010 attending these things I promised myself to go to less of them in 2011. That is a resolution I have profoundly failed to do. Oh well.

You have been spared the sight of me presenting at many though, so far at least. I am looking forward to talking about storytelling and journalism at the next News:Rewired conference in London on the 6th October. There’s an excellent line-up so far, so if you’re in London, make sure you get a ticket. Also in London, the Wannabe Hacks folks are organising an interesting alternative conference for younger hacks too.

10 things you hear at every journalism conference

1. Twitter/Facebook/Live-blogging is “just a platform”

2. We need to remember what journalism is “all about”

3. “…but where’s the money?”

4. “Is anyone else having trouble with the wifi?”

5. “…we’re all about ‘engaging with users'”

6. A reference to Andy Carvin or Neal Mann

7. News is “fragmenting” (whatever that means)

8. Journalism students must blog/tweet/do video or they won’t get a job

9. An obvious statement about what journalism is (i.e: ‘a journalist’s role is to sift through mass of info to find out ‘what is important’ & ‘what is true”)

10. And, usually from someone afterwards “there’s too much talking and not enough doing*”, followed by “so are you going to the next conference?**”

*This is usually me.

** So is this

There are many more, of course – add your own suggestions in the comments below! 🙂