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Ideas for the future of news

I’ve been creating a collection of projects, articles and journalists who are pioneering the way forward in journalism by actually creating new ways of doing things.

Whether it’s a new site to curate content, a new style of telling stories, or a new way of covering an event, each profile examines whether this could be a new way of doing things. And each article asks is there a business in this?

If you have a suggestion for a new way of doing news, then contact me!

Profiled so far:

Idea 001: the news aggregator

Idea 002: students as investigators

Idea 003: event based reporting

Idea 004: the rise of the blogazine

Idea 005: the digital magazine

Idea 006: using geo data during elections

Idea 007: breathing new life into old content

The future of journalism belongs to those who get their hands dirty.


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