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A birthday treat (for you!)

Posted in Journalism, Next Generation Journalist by Adam Westbrook on November 28, 2010

A bit of an off-piste topic for this post, but today is my birthday!

And as I try desperately to negotiate that 26 is still my mid-twenties, I’ve got a special treat (for you guys): Next Generation Journalist is on another 50% offer – right now it’s priced at just £5 for the UK edition and $8 for the US/Canada edition.

But this one only lasts for today! As soon as I’m no longer the birthday boy, the US and UK editions jump straight back up to £10/$15.

This will probably be the last offer now until the 2011 edition comes out in the summer, so if you’ve been umming-and-ahhing, it’s decision time. Don’t forget, there’s also two chapters available for free, if you want a sneak peak at the inside.

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  1. Happy birthday, Adam! And never fear – if 24 is mid-twenties, 26 certainly is. 27 is more of a stretch, but I think it still makes the cut… just. 😉

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