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Why you SHOULDN’T buy my book

Posted in Journalism, Next Generation Journalist by Adam Westbrook on May 27, 2010

Yeah, you read the title right.

Hundreds of people have already downloaded my ebook Next Generation Journalist: 10 New Ways to Make Money in Journalism, in the US, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Germany and France, and I’m saying maybe you shouldn’t.


Well, the ideas in the book aren’t for everyone. Some of them are pretty new and off the wall. They all require a new way of thinking and a fair bit of courage to make happen. Follow any of the innovative new ideas in Next Generation Journalist and you’re not in for an easy ride.

You’re in for an exciting ride and a fun ride…but not an easy one. Striking out on your own, launching your own enterprise, constantly swimming against the current of what the establishment perceives to be the ‘way things are done’ isn’t easy.

And let’s face it, not everyone wants that in their life right?

So, with that in mind, you SHOULDN’T buy Next Generation Journalist if:

  • you think the internet is a big threat and not a big opportunity (I’m looking at you, Rupert)
  • you don’t believe journalists should take control of their future and carve out their own careers
  • you only want to work for a big national newspaper or broadcaster and think online start-ups have no potential
  • you’re not ready for the risk and danger of striking out on your own and making your own mark
  • you’d quite like a nice, quiet life, sitting at a desk
  • you don’t want to embrace the unique, exciting and unpredictable digital revolution we are going through to see what might happen
  • you’re scared of failure
  • you can afford to wait for the industry to sort itself out and provide job security and good wages again

But, you SHOULD buy Next Generation Journalist if:

  • you know there’s a huge opportunity to make money and do exciting things in journalism, but you just can’t put your finger on it yet
  • you’re ready and willing to break some rules and challenge the conventional wisdoms in journalism
  • you’ve seen how others, like MediaStorm or are making it work, but don’t know the secrets
  • you dream of living an exciting life with all its ups and downs, in the name of changing the world
  • you’re prepared to mess things up a few times in order to create something amazing
  • you know there’s no point in being average, when you could be awesome instead

Now if that’s you, then you’ve got until midnight Friday (GMT) to get the book at a steal of £6.50/$9.50 – then it goes up to full price of £10/$15.


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