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On snow and innovation

Posted in Adam, Journalism by Adam Westbrook on January 6, 2010

It seems wherever you are in the world reading this, whether it’s the UK, western, northern and eastern Europe, Canada or the  eastern seaboard of the US, you’ve seen a good amount of the white stuff recently.

I was walking home through London last night as the first of the latest snow began to fall. I love how quiet and still everything gets as the snow settles.


Meanwhile 2010 must be a year of innovation in journalism. Innovation isn’t easy though. It requires imagination, bravery, lateral thinking, creativity…and risk. Real innovation is an uphill struggle. Breaking the mould in storytelling, video journalism, interactivity and entrepreneurship requires going against conventional wisdom, going against other people, and going against the voice in your head telling you to give up.

And it’s not easy.

Blaze a trail

So if you need a pick-up, just look outside the window, at the snow. On the pavement, grass or road there’ll be two different paths. One that’s already been trodden, laden with scores of footprints and bicycle tracks.

And another, untrodden path: a blank white canvas.

Which one will you go down?

“Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path – and leave a trail.”


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  1. Carucha L. Meuse said, on January 8, 2010 at 12:45 am

    I stumble on your blog a while back. I truly love the information that you give. And today’s post hit home. I have been a newspaper photographer for the past ten years, however, i am in the process of striking out on my own. I totally agree with you. It is hard explaining to people what it is your trying to do. Just see this post made me feel better about the path I am traveling on. thanks for keep creative thinkers motivated.


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