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The new paradigm of video journalism

Posted in Broadcasting and Media by Adam Westbrook on December 3, 2008

Great video linked by the Solo Video Journalist – on a project in the US called Camp VJ, teaching newspaper journos and more the essence of video journalism.

As well as really summing up the flavour of what VJing is all about, it’s also shot VJ-stylee and is all the more engaging because of it.

It’s all about aggressive film making techniques, getting video to web fast, good use of music and gfx, and breaking the rules. As one student says:

“I think it’s going to change the way I shoot video…I’m so used to this formulaic broadcast style approach, but because we’re online we can break all those rules…we have the ability to just mix it up”

Damn straight.

It even features ViewMagazine‘s  David Dunkley-Gyimah sporting a dapper hat/scarf combo!

Go check it out, it’s worth 5 minutes.


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