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What do BJs really think of VJs?

Posted in Broadcasting and Media by Adam Westbrook on October 19, 2008

Overheard sitting outside a Crown Court on Friday: a BBC regional TV reporter, an ITV regional TV reporter and their respective cameramen on Video Journalism:

“I would feel so unprofessional”

“Yeah it’s like student telly”

“And I wouldn’t be concentrating on my questions or answers, just worrying about whether I’ve pressed record”

“Yeah don’t you have to set your own white balance or something?”

“And it’s such a lonely existence…”

Even if any of these slightly dinosaur views have any merit, they’re more than outweighed by its flexibility, creativity and the power of its alternative narrative.

But still it shows that the people who are going to forge the way in VJing over the next 10 years aren’t the ones on TV at the moment!


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  1. Chris Doidge said, on October 19, 2008 at 1:29 pm

    Woah, there’s a can of worms. I’ve seen so much utterly appalling VJing, I’ve gone off the concept, even though I know it can work if properly taught. BBC South Today was so bad for this, even Rachel was picking up on it: “Eyeline, goddammit!”

  2. […] today there’s a lot of resentment towards video journalism. Jaded hacks hate the idea of being asked to hold the camera and ask questions at the same time. They argue having a […]

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