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What do Thierry Henry, Mischa Barton and Thora Birch have in common?

Posted in Adam by Adam Westbrook on March 4, 2007

They look like me!
According to a rather bizarre piece of facial recognition technology on the website, which takes your photo and compares it to those of celebrities.

So I took a recent, rather horrific, photo from a night out in Camden this weekend, courtesy of Minnie from my broadcast course…you have to register to see the results annoyingly, but I couldn’t resist.

Is this the pinnacle in face recognition technology? Probably not. To me it looks like they just found five people who smiled with their teeth.


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  1. adamwestbrook said, on March 4, 2007 at 3:32 pm

    By the way, does anyone have a bleedin’ clue who Shiri Appleby or Jericho Rosales are?!

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