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Bad news for the kids…

Posted in Broadcasting and Media, News and that by Adam Westbrook on February 13, 2007

Child poverty in UKShocking, but hardly unbelievable statistics out today revealing Britain as the worst place to grow up if you’re a kid.

Newsnight are holding an interesting debate as I write. The government minister in charge of children Jim Murphy’s just appeared to try and defend Labour’s rather poor record over the past decade.

I was at a seminar on child poverty a few weeks back while covering the news that north London child poverty is some of the worst in the UK. Jim stood up at the beginning for a speech, which in fact was more of a discussion – or rather a “we don’t know how to solve this…so what do you think we should do?”

Good to get experts involved, but Jim had a rather hopeless air about him. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation say £4.3 billion is needed every year to do reach the government’s ambitious targets. Kids of the UK, don’t get your hopes up.

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  1. fifthdecade said, on February 15, 2007 at 3:24 am

    I saw Jim Murphy on that newsnight program and thought he did a much better job than the Conservative guy who really had nothing to say at all – what was his name? George Osborne or something – shadow chancellor IIRC.

    I think listening to the kids is a very good way to get answers to their problems, in fact, just listening is often the best way to diffuse tension. I thought some of the kids interviewed were really quite mature and made some really insightful points.

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