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Back in Touch…

Posted in Uncategorized by Adam Westbrook on December 30, 2006

…I’ll never get tired of that one!

Yes, I’ve been back freelancing at Touch Fm in the south midlands this week…extremely gruelling as to get to the studios in Stratford-upon-Avon for 10.30 I had to get up at 5am.

And I didn’t get back home until 10pm. Thankyou British public transport.

Anyway, it was an interesting week as I became a veritable copy machine…I counted around 60 pieces of copy (the news script that newsreaders read) that I wrote over the three days, plus several voicers.

As usual it was an exercise in making dull stories interesting. The worst story I was given was so bad, I kept a copy of it for your amusement. Here’s the script I eventually wrote:

STA-LIBRARY/1            AW                  SAT-Copy

If you’ve got some library fines you want to clear before the New Year then today’s your last chance.

Libraries in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds are closing tonight for the New Year holiday…they’ll open again on Tuesday.

Yes, that’s right, it was a press release about library opening times. All I can say is that it wasn’t my idea to run it.

Meanwhile, there was a fair share of violent crimes. In particular it seems to have been a miserable, violence ridden christmas for people in Warwickshire..on the same day:

  • An old man was hospitalised in a hit and run
  • A teenager had the shit beaten out of him outside the cinema in Leamington Spa
  • A man held a 15-hour seige at his Coventry home, injuring two police officers in the process.

Most interestingly a thief in Redditch stole a car and drove 100 yards before noticing the owner’s elderly mother sitting in the back. He pulled over and unceremoniously dumped her on the pavement before speeding off.

Now, this is a serious story, of course.  So I was unable to use the pun I came up with, which I think is worthy of the Sun:

Gran Theft Auto.

Oh dear, oh dear.


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  1. Chris Doidge said, on December 30, 2006 at 4:31 pm

    I’ll have you know library opening times are very important to us Gloucestershire residents… I go to mine every, ooh, 7 years or so. And that headline – genius.

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