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Screenwipe: update

Posted in Uncategorized by Adam Westbrook on December 21, 2006

A wee while ago I praised the acerbic wit of TV critic and comedian Charlie Brooker on his pant-soilingly hilarious BBC Four programme Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe.

For those of you who were so enamoured by Mr Brooker and went on to watch the whole of series one and two on Youtube (if you didn’t – do it!) let it be known that the Screenwipe Christmas Special‘s airing on BBC Four in the UK  tonight at 23:10 pm.

Watch it or else.

Here’s a trailer from the BBC Four website.

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  1. Rachael said, on December 21, 2006 at 2:35 pm

    Thanks Adam- after your introduction Mr. Brooker provided much light relief from my end of term wrestling with McNae’s. Will definitely be tuning in!

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