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Monkey mischief

Posted in Uncategorized by Adam Westbrook on October 16, 2006

Media MonkeyCity University (where I’m studying) was the subject of a scandelous expose by the ever watchful Media Monkey today:

Print out
To City University now, where the journalism course boasts alumni such as Sophie Raworth and Faisal Islam, and enrolled a dozen extra students this year, boosting uni coffers by around £70,000. The bigger intake, however, has left less space in City’s cramped east London classrooms, and barely a month into the new term, the new arrivals are annoyed that not a single printer in the building seems to work. They would write a letter of complaint, but there’s nothing to print it on.

Clearly, everyone’s favourite Monkey has eyes not just in professional newsrooms but the trainee ones as well. In the interests of fairness I should point out that I successfully printed a bursary application form on Friday afternoon, but I did struggle to get the department photocopier to work.

Rumours are abound as to who the mole was and more crucially, why he/she didn’t have anything more interesting to tell monkey about.


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