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Yoogle Tube

Posted in Uncategorized by Adam Westbrook on October 11, 2006

Quick one tonight: with so much coverage of Google’s acquisition of You Tube, it’d be a shame not to pass brief comment.

First off, if you haven’t already, check out “A Message from Chad and Steve”, the founders of You Tube giving a post-deal piece to camera.


First off, I’m amazed anyone called Chad could make over a billion dollars, let alone get out of bed. Secondly, this great comment came from an unimpressed viewer:

Perhaps with 1.65 Billion dollars they will be able to afford a directional microphone for their camera or noise reduction software for their editing system.

Well said Charlie.

And a final piece of brilliance. For anyone who didn’t get today’s Metro (yes I read all the coolest papers), check out the video CV of Aleksey Vayner. The Yale graduate sent this video along with an 11 page CV (!!) for a job at financial firm UBS. The film’s called “Impossible is Nothing” and includes great mantras such as

‘As a world-level athlete in several sports, I have developed an insatiable appetite for peak performance and continuous learning. My trainer and world martial arts champion often said, “Impossible is just someone’s opinion.” I live by those words.’

Vayner gives us his philosophy over footage of him lifting weights, playing tennis and smashing bricks. Unsurprisingly, someone at UBS found this so pant-wettingly funny it made its way onto You Tube.

Aleksey says “Ignore the losers”…so don’t feel obligated to watch.

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  1. Chris Doidge said, on October 11, 2006 at 5:26 pm

    I have only one thing to say about that Aleksey clip: “lonelygirl15”

  2. The Paedent said, on October 17, 2006 at 1:25 pm

    Inciteful comment from slashdot…

    “…Purchasing YouTube allows Google to directly counter such an attack with all its resources. It also decreases the likelihood of such an attack, since all the ambulance chasers who were smacking their lips in anticipation of an easy meal from YouTube’s carcass are now slinking away, looking for easier prey that won’t be able to fend them off for years with delaying tactics…”

    Ballmer Sounds Off:

  3. zidane said, on March 17, 2007 at 6:40 pm

    Lo trovo piuttosto impressionante. Lavoro grande fatto..)

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