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Current TV comes to the UK!

Posted in Uncategorized by Adam Westbrook on October 8, 2006

Exciting news from the media world this weekend: Sky’s announced plans to launch US network Current TV in the UK and
Ireland in spring 2007.

…..well I’m excited anyway.

And you might not be dribbling away like me because you probably haven’t heard of Current TV…so allow me to enlighten you.Current TV wall

Launched last year by the 21st century’s own version of Captain Planet, Al Gore, Current TV is
America’s first “user generated” network. This means that around 30% of its output is produced by its viewers, ordinary peeps like you and I.

Some are professional film makers, some journalists. But they all have a story and a passion to tell it.

Each film (or “pod” as they’re known as) can be between 1-10 minutes long or thereabouts.  First users upload their films where they’re watched and voted on by other viewers. Those deemed good enough for broadcast are given the “green light” and it enters the network’s schedule to beamed across

A quick peruse on the site reveals coverage of a hunger strike to call for the recall of US troops in Iraq, the story of a young Brazilian emigrating to Europe and a film about an oil spill in the

It’s great because anyone can make a film as long as they’re interested in the subject. So events that would be ignored by network media gets due coverage; issues big business would prefer we didn’t know about get exposed. In other words Current TV does what good journalism should do but often doesn’t.

And the fat cats are sitting up and taking notice too. Current has the one thing big business gets hot and sticky about: the attention of the 18-34 market. Young people make these films and young people watch them too.

So I’m excited about Current TV coming over here. Partly because it’s a great chance for young British filmmakers to get stuff on air and because it’ll be fascinating to see what us lot will make programmes about.

Oh and did you know they pay up to $1,000 for pods that make it to the air?

Al Gore’s excited too, he said the UK deal is: “a big step in fulfilling Current’s mission of sparking a global conversation among young adults


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  1. Ayaanlinda said, on January 16, 2007 at 8:58 am

    we group of somali girls and boys are happy to see some articles on currentmedia sample about somalia and we want to see daily updates from somalia as Kaj And Christof went somalia last year and and created new somali journalist for and that made as very happy so we hope you win and good job from somalia the first US tv

  2. adamwestbrook said, on January 17, 2007 at 9:24 pm

    Thanks for your comments! Keep reading! 🙂

  3. Mohamed Ali Meher said, on January 21, 2007 at 1:17 pm

    Is this member website ?

    if the Answer is Yes I need to know why we Can not see some somali stories in recent fighting or recent events or Daily happinings In Somalia for example there was US Air strikes recently and it was stoped some people in Mogadishu says we know why becouse some American soldiers were Captured In South somalia thats why US stoped Strikes Against somali slamic Fighters and in Mogadishu there are Daily Ampush Attacks Against Ethiopians And TFG Troops Well and I just Know That Is International And And well Respected Person is the Funder of TV Al Gore Former US Persident. Mean while Why Dont we See Some Clips Shot By somali First Journalist Of the As Lauren Says on Sample.
    Since we just launched the Current Journalism program in the last month, Kaj and Christof though it would be cool to leave a camera with someone in Mogadishu to document what is going on through their eyes. So, in the final hours before Kaj and Christof left for Somalia, they prepared a kit of information, tapes, basic camera equipment and instructions on sending us media with the hopes of meeting someone who could be our first Somali Current Journalist. As Iam Meher 48 years Old iam asking my self why we can not see some footages of recently from Mogadishu becouse we want to see some footages from our country since has a journalist In Mogadishu if the telling is true from current staff. to my last request we need Daily updates from somalia with also pics and news good lucky and long life

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